What Is the Best Exercise Machine for Bad Knees

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What form of exercise comes to mind when thinking about knee strengthening and pain relief? To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with all the dos and don’ts found in The Comfort Zone program. This is particularly important if you wish to stay healthy and fit at home.

Below, we will highlight what you need to do on your home workout machine and present you with an answer to the frequently asked question of what is the best exercise for bad knees and how you should use these machines. Let’s get right to it!

Which Exercise Equipment Should I Use For my Bad Knee?

Is the cause of your bad knee arthritis, knee replacement surgery, tendonitis, dislocation, ACL tear, or another painful trigger? Then you must choose the best exercise machine to prevent further damage to the knees and worsen the symptoms.

Think about your knees and legs when exercising:

  • Are the knees bending repeatedly?
  • Is the body being pushed to awkward movements?
  • What is the impact and amount of weight placed on joints while moving?
  • Do you experience heightened pain following workouts?

If your answer is yes, you might need to reconsider your workout regimen and try more zero-impact, knee-friendly exercise machines. These machines should support your joints and give you excellent strength and cardio workouts. But let us first highlight why a high-impact machine might be the root of your pain.

Bad Knee Exercises

To choose a fantastic exercise as you protect the knees, you will need to compare the amount of necessary movement and the amount of movement the joints can accommodate. Most machines such as recumbent workout bikes, indoor rowers, and upright bikes necessitate energetic knee movements. However, such movements can worsen your pain or discomfort if you have a pre-existing knee issue. Identifying exercise machines with exercise options requiring gentle or reduced knee movement is the answer.

Consider the exercise machine’s range of movement and how your body will be required to move to realize the movement. For example, if the knee movement in the workouts is more than you can handle, the machine is not suitable for you. Nonetheless, versatile machines with variations to prevent excessive bending or twisting of the knees are ideal.

Remain in control of the knee movement by exercising within The Comfort Zone. A Ski-Row is such an accommodating machine that can provide you with various exercises you can mix and match to realize particular mobility needs.

The Ski-Row

This workout machine is a first of its type, all-in-one resistance, and cardio training machine. It features two positions – ski training and rowing. The double-action workout machine has more than a dozen home exercise options without consuming two machines’ worth of space. Its rowing position features six recommended workouts, whereas the ski training features nine.

The workout machine offers all the advantages of interval training, cardio, and two different machines at home, in a design tailor-made to fit in most homes. In addition, there are modification options that allow you to customize workouts as per your abilities and requirements without compromising on your workout session quality.

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How the Machine Works

A Ski-Row utilizes the air-flywheel resistance technique, which varies your working out tension according to your energy output. Therefore, how hard or fast you work out will determine the machine’s amount of resistance. This implies that slow movements have reduced resistance, and as you increase your intensity and speed, the resistance also increases.

Ski-Row only utilizes the air flywheel to offer the resistance curve. This makes the model perfect for you if you experience knee issues. This is since it is the least likely workout machine to cause a strain or injury because the force opposing you is one that you are ready for.

In addition, with the Ski-Row Air + Pwr model, you can add convenience resistance using its incorporated magnetic resistance technique. It effectively complements the air flywheel and lets you remain in control of the resistance. However, you still retain the ability to add to the intensity derived from the air flywheel.

As you compare and contrast between machines with your needs and goals in mind, you can settle on the perfect model for your needs. However, both of the machines offer a fantastic workout with various knee-friendly exercise routines.

Why Should I Use a Ski-Row?

If you experience knee issues, a Ski-Row is an ideal workout companion. Resistance training and rowing are among the best workouts for knee problems, and the machine provides both workouts. Aside from being the best workout machine overall, a Ski-Row has additional customization options adding to its convenience.

There are several exercises in both ski training and rowing position to perform on a Ski-Row, all of which require minimal to no knee flexion. You can modify most of these exercises to meet your needs and accommodate various joint movements to go easy on the joints while avoiding uncomfortable movement.

Concentrate on your exercise using reps and motions that do not stress the knees. By eradicating discomfort, you will continue exercising without any worry. In addition, you can finally relax if you suffer from knee pain knowing you have discovered the right workout equipment for you.

Bad Knees Workout

Let us go through some of the knee-friendly workouts you can accomplish on a Ski-Row machine. The list of exercises includes options that do not strain the knees, and using the moves, you can realize the most from your exercises while focusing on reps instead of strain.

The moves below can be accomplished with reduced to no knee-bending at all from a rowing position:

  • Arms only row
  • Bicep curl
  • Reverse overhead row
  • High row
  • Single-arm row

Your knees do not need to bend at all for the next ski training position moves:

  • Butterfly
  • Alternating arms
  • Straight arm
  • Overhead tricep extension
  • Pull D=down

Other Considerations

If you are experiencing bad knees and wish to find an alternative workout regimen or machine, try out The Comfort Zone program, the 5-minute ritual – Feel Good Knees, or swimming. All of these point in the direction of low-impact engagements that are essential for stiff or sore joints.

You can do water aerobics, swim, or walk-in pool water as aerobic workouts with reduced knee stress. Water buoyancy reduces stress on your spine, knees, and hips.

Nonetheless, if you experience bad knees, or have not exercised in a while, consult your physician before beginning the exercise programs.


Identifying and using suitable exercise equipment for your bad knees is essential to curb knee pain. The perfect exercise machine can also guide you towards recovery and pain alleviation. If you experience knee pain, you know how much it holds you back from achieving some of the things you would like to do.

The Comfort Zone program can help you change this. It provides natural methods that you can use to relieve knee pain and strengthen your joints.

Reports show that strengthening your knees and the muscles surrounding them using effective workout routines can aid in supporting your joints and curbing knee pain. Together with the Feel Good Knees exercise regimen, this program provides effective and safe training developed by holistic experts specialized in injury prevention and healing. So take a step today toward knee pain relief by trying out these products.

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