What is Genu Varum or Bowleg, and what are common treatments?

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    What is Genu Varum or Bowlegged, and what are common treatments?

    Genu Varum or Bowlegged is a condition where the legs look like they are bowed or bent outward, even when the ankles are together.

    It is normal for an infant to be born bowlegged, but the condition typically corrects itself as the child begins walking.  Past the age of two or three, seek a doctor’s advice.

    What problems can bowlegs cause in adults?

    People with bowlegs may experience pain in their knees or hips; a reduced range of motion in the hips; trouble walking or running; and instability in the knees.  The person may also be concerned about their appearance.  How important that is up to the individual.

    Bowlegs that are not treated may increase the likelihood of progressive knee arthritis and knee pain.  After many years, the inside of the knee becomes overloaded, and the outside ligament can become stretched.  This can lead to pain, instability, and arthritis.

    How are bowlegs diagnosed?

    Bowlegs are typically diagnosed by having a physical examination and a standing-alignment X-ray from the hip to the ankle.

    If the condition is left untreated, people with bowlegs may have an increased likelihood of pain, an increase in the condition, instability in the knees, and progressive knee arthritis, which is a degeneration of the structure of the knees.  Conversely, when the condition is corrected, this can lead to better knee functioning, easier walking and running, less paid, and prevention of the progression of deterioration in the knees.

    What are the options for treatment?

    In mild cases, bracing may gradually correct the angle of the knee.  If this is not sufficient, surgery may be an option.  Physical therapy is an important aspect of the treatment, especially after surgery.

    One option to prevent or delay the need for a knee mywebsite0595-20nt is osteotomy, a surgical procedure to realign the knee.

    Non-surgical treatments

    Non-surgical treatments are also available. There is something that may help to straighten bow legs or knock knees without expensive and dangerous surgery. Knocked Knees No More™ is an easy-to-follow program that provides a potential permanent alternative for bow legs and knocked knees surgery-free.

    Exercise and Yoga as a Remedy

    Bowlegs is a condition that continues to persist within society even today, and it’s possible that the reason for this is a lack of public awareness and education around the condition. It’s important to understand exactly what bow legs are and how they may be caused. It’s equally important that you’re able to identify the signs of bow legs before even considering a remedy. Bowlegs is the unusual bending of a person’s legs in an outward direction and they’re most effectively addressed in their early stages rather than later when the problem has worsened. Knocked Knees No More™ is an easy-to-follow exercise program that provides a potential permanent alternative for bowlegs and knocked knees surgery-free.

    Why combine Yoga and Exercise?

    Bowlegs involve not only the outward bending of the legs but also a subtle degradation in the body’s posture. This is where the combination of yoga and exercise can come in very handy. Yoga gives you exercise while focusing mainly on rectifying your posture, balance, and smooth movement. On the other hand, physically exercising the muscles around your knee and other joints can help support them better, and this can play a crucial role in improving their condition.

    Wrapping Up:

    The above are tips and the preventive exercise you can adopt to remain positive and healthy if you identified a Bowlegged problem. You can find a summary of the recommended products on our Top monthly Product-Knee pain relief. We are sure that these exercises and the reviewed products will help you improve Bowlegs that will boost your self-confidence.

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