What Doctor To See For Knee Pain

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Before you make an appointment with a specialist, you should make sure that they specialize in knee problems. There are many different types of orthopedic specialists, and not all specialize in knee ailments; some specialize in different parts of the musculoskeletal system.

Knee pain and problems are common ailments, especially among older people, and there are many things that may cause these problems. Therefore, it is important to know what type of orthopedic specialist is the right one to see and why you want to see them.

Find out which doctor you need to see when you have chronic knee pain and other problems with your knees.

What Type Of Doctor To See?

The right doctor to see for knee pain is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the musculoskeletal system’s knee part. It is also essential to determine whether the knee pain is caused by rheumatism or is an entirely different problem.

If the pain in your knee is caused by rheumatism, you will have to see a rheumatologist. These types of doctors specialize in this type of ailment and will be the best doctor if you have systemic symptoms.

If the pain in your knee is caused by direct trauma, it is better to see an orthopedic surgeon to resolve the problem. These specialists will diagnose and treat injuries that are connected to bones, joints, muscles, and tendons.

Orthopedic doctors that specialize in knee pain are trained to treat any type of ailment you may experience in your knees. Depending on your age and activity level, the orthopedic specialist can also advise on surgery of the knee.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an acute injury or a chronic condition; these specialists can diagnose and treat them. Seeing an orthopedic surgeon is beneficial and will get you quickly on the road to recovery and complete healing of the ailment.

When Would You See an Orthopedic Surgeon?

The following list contains standard reasons why you would want to see an orthopedic surgeon for pain in the knee.

  • You would see an orthopedic surgeon when you have knee pain after trauma, such as sports injuries.
  • When you experience needles and pins or any tingling down your leg, you must see an orthopedic surgeon.
  • It would be best if you also saw an orthopedic surgeon when you start to lose range of motion in your knees.
  • If you had an injury that causes a lot of pain in your knee when you walk or while you are standing.
  • When you hear crunching noises in your knee, it is time to visit an orthopedic specialist.
  • Redness and warmth when you touch it, which normally indicates swelling, is something for the orthopedic doctor to see.
  • Popping sounds and feelings in your knee with or without pain may also be a reason to see your knee doctor.
  • Weakness and instability in the knees can be a reason to let the knee doctor check it out.

What Types Of Injuries Orthopedic Surgeons Treat?

There is a wide range of injuries these specialists treat that cause pain in your knees. We will take a look at some of the more common injuries.

Knee Fractures

This type of injury is quite painful and is considered a medical emergency and will be checked and treated by the orthopedic surgeon. In most cases, the surgeon will put your knee in a cast or perform surgery, depending on the type of injury.

The doctor will also notify you whether you may walk or if you need to rest the knee as much as possible.

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Degenerative Joint Disease Or Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee occurs when the cartilage of the joints in your knee starts to wear out. The best treatment for this problem is to replace the knee and prevent further pain, which is performed by the orthopedic surgeon.

To help you manage the pain in the joints, a physiotherapist will work with the orthopedic surgeon in your treatment. This type of problem occurs mostly in older people and can be caused by wear and if you are overweight.

Torn Ligaments In the Knee

In the case of severe tears of the ligaments, an orthopedic surgeon will be needed for proper treatment. Tearing of the ligaments can be caused by many different types of injuries and occur the most in car accidents and sports injuries.

The following list includes the four types of ligaments that can be found in each knee:

  1. Medial collateral ligament
  2. Anterior cruciate ligament
  3. Lateral collateral ligament
  4. Posterior cruciate ligament

These ligaments do not heal easily on their own and need some help from your surgeon with the proper treatment. Again, in this case, an orthopedic surgeon and a physiotherapist will work together for the fast recovery of these ligaments.


Now that you know what type of doctor to see, you can stop worrying and make an appointment if you experience knee pain. Hopefully, this information will help you quickly on the way to recovery and a healthy, meaningful life without that nagging pain.

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